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monsterrific's Journal

Fans of Monsters
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Do you like monsters? Do you wish you were a huge shaggy purple ogre, or that every day was Halloween? Do you like to make pictures, costumes, and other things with too many eyes? Is godzilla your spirit animal? Would you rather hole up in the folklore section of the library looking for gruesome old stories about trolls and sea serpents than go to the mall or play video games? Do you consider yourself a monster-at-heart? Then you just might be MONSTERRIFIC.

Things to do:
-Post links to cool things
-Share your art or photographs of your stuff
-Hock your beastly wares or pimp your terrifying web presence
-Plan monsterish get-togethers and costume parties in your area -- maybe someday we will have our own geeky convention.

NOTE TO TEENAGERS: This is a community for good old-fashioned freaky-looking or plain-old-homely beasties. Please go somewhere else if you are an oh-so-tormented beautiful creature of the ancient curs-ed darkness, please.